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CTA Report Sees Good News in Industry's Shortfall in Reaching a Billion Pounds of Recycled Goods

CTA spun the consumer electronics’ industry’s shortfall in reaching the eCycling Leadership Initiative’s goal to recycle 1 billion pounds of CE products annually by 2016 as a positive result, in the industry’s April 2017 sustainability report released last … Subscribe to Read >>

IDevices Head Sees More Consolidation in Smart Home Market After Hubbell Buy

Lighting company Hubbell’s buy of connected home product company iDevices, announced last week, is part of a necessary “maturation” of the connected home space, Christopher Allen, iDevices former CEO and now president of the iDevices division at … Subscribe to Read >>

USTR Maintains 2016 Special 301 IP Infringement Watch Lists' Designees for 2017

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative maintained the 11 countries included on its 2016 mid-tier priority watch list for copyright and other IP rights violations and 23 countries on that year’s lower-tier watch list (see 1604270049) … Subscribe to Read >>

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T-Mobile, Dish Go Big in Incentive Auction

T-Mobile and Dish Network emerged as the big story of the forward part of the TV incentive auction, based on their high bids in the TV incentive auction (see 1704130049), analysts and other industry observers said Thursday after the FCC released results (see 1704130040). The other big news on the forward auction concerned which parties didn’t play -- AT&T bid $910 million for 23 licenses and Verizon sat the auction out. Comcast bid less than expected, $1.7 billion for 73 licenses through CC Wireless. T-Mobile won 1,525 licenses for $8 billion. Dish got 486 licenses for $6.2 billion through Wireless, more than expected. Comcast came away with 73 blocks and $1.7 billion in licenses through CC Wireless. Those forward auction bidders bought the spectrum of 175 TV stations, leaving close to 1000 to be repacked by 2020, the FCC said. … Read More >>

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38th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, Fairmont Hotel, San Jose — see here
Davis Wright daylong event on the cloud, big data and artificial intelligence, Suite 2200, 1201 3rd Ave., Seattle — see here
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